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Page not updated for a long time

As you may have noticed, I haven't updated this page for more than a year and a half.
Therefore, the contents shown here do not represent what I'm currently working on (and believe me, I'd love to share some interesting bits of my latest work if I only had time to do it :).

In a nutshell, what had taken me most of my free time was being the CEO of a group administering the server of the Scouting Association of The Republic of Poland.
All of this was done as a charity work, so I didn't get a penny in exchange, but certainly won't regret it :). More informations about it on the Matrix Page (in Polish).


A new program: Ldthrottle - LD_PRELOAD bandwidth throttler

I just finished the first version of a throttling program that uses the environmental variable LD_PRELOAD to overwrite the read/recv and write/send (and many others) in order to throttle the banwidth used by that program.

It's just a test but it still works surprisingly well (for one day of coding :)

Ldthrottle - LD_PRELOAD bandwidth throttler

Disable sharing in rtorrent

If, for some reason, you need to totally disable sharing in rtorrent (and every other application using libtorrent) and look as if you always had 0% of the files you are downloading, download the source of libtorrent and patch it with the attached diff.

Toying with Blender

This animation was made with Blender using fluid physics engine and some python scripts to fine-tune displacement maps. The making of it took me 9 days, starting with totally no knowledge in blender whatsoever :)

Open directories faster in Konqueror

This is something that has been bugging me for a very long time.
When you click on a directory with your mouse, konqueror shows you an opening animation first, and THEN proceeds to open the directory.

If you want to gain the time wasted to show the animation, you can disable it by doing the following:

K -> System settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Mouse -> Uncheck Visual
feedback on activation
(Zmiana wyglądu przy aktywacji in Polish)

Supend to ram using uswsup on Ubuntu + Nvidia

Uswsusp is a program that allows you to suspend your computer to ram, to disk or even to both disk and then ram. This allows you to resume your work quickly if your battery is still working. If not, your computer will still be able to resume from disk.
Unfortunately, the Ubuntu package does not contain the s2ram binary that just suspends to ram (I don't need s2both nor s2disk on my stationary computer, I just want it to suspend to ram).

To be able to use s2ram on Ubuntu, you have to compile uswsusp by yourself.

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